Gregory Burgess Architects


The architecture of GBA is a transformative vehicle which addresses questions of our world: familiar questions with novel answers: ‘What is a house, a community, a place, a city?’ How do we endow dwelling with care?’ How can the built environment support human well being?’ Our buildings attempt to articulate the enigma of identity in place; social and communal well-being and the meaning(s) of being- at- home in the world.

GBA’s studio-based collaborative practice engages the client and the whole consultant team in this exploration, building a dynamic dialogue of listening and response, of inquiry, imagination and inspiration in which the project can develop its unique potential in a spirit of generous exchange.

The practice’s engagement with contemporary possibilities and questions, seeks to continually expand architecture’s boundaries and enrich its human content socially, culturally, artistically and technically, nurturing a future that is sustainable and caring.                               

The GBA logo graphic evokes a crucible, a receptacle; a horizon with rising sun; a coolumon and grinding stone – it represents a site of creative production and fertility, a place of seeding and transformation which gives expression and embodiment to our desire to live well individually and collectively. GBA grounds our human aspirations in a vibrant and living ecology of placemaking that captures the public imagination and nurtures new beginnings.